Welcome to albinomilksnake.com my name is Mike Fedzen and I'm a private breeder of colubrids.

If you are interested in any of the projects I have feel free to inquire about availability and waiting lists.


Everything has mostly been hatched out for this year, its almost time to put adults into hibernation and get ready for next year. Below is a list of available stuff, contact me or check out my facebook, instagram or ads on faunaclassifieds.com to see pricing on whats available. 

California Kingsnakes - 

Light Ghost, Casper Ghost, Pink Pearl Ghost, Dark Ghost, het Ghost, Mosaic, Vanishing Striped, Dotted, Mosaic possible het ghost, Striped, Banded, het Lavender Ghost, Lavender het Ghost, Ghost het Lavender, het Hypo possible het Ghost, Albino Banded

Mexican Milk snakes -

Freer TX locale het Albino

Nelsons Milk snakes - 

T Positive Albino Aberrant possible het splotched, T Negative Albino Aberrant possible het splotched, Albino possible het splotched

New Mexico Milk snakes -

Bernallio County NM locale possible het anery spotted


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This site was updated October 19, 2019.